Paratroopers preparing to jump on Exercise Capable Eagle, 22 October 2013. Over 1,250 prisoners were taken and 50 Argentineans killed during this bloody battle that cost the battalion 15 dead, including its Commanding Officer Lt Col ‘H’ Jones, who was awarded a posthumous VC. HQ Support Company 21st Anniversary Dinner of the Falklands War, 2003. 2 PARA shooting team Ballykinler 1979 -1980. Note from the RSM to QM regarding numbers on board MV Norland after stopping at Ascension Island, 1982, 2 PARA Group Staff List, MV Norland, 1982, Log of the movements of the MV Norland by 2 PARA Group, 1982, Notice to hold a sports competition, MV Norland, 1982. Postcard from men of 2 PARA in Bahrain sent to Women's Royal Army Corps (WRAC), Cyprus, 1961. L/Cpl Proud, test firing on Aberdeen Peninsular, Freetown, Sierra Leone, May 2000. Two members of C Coy 2 PARA prior to emplaning a German Transall C 160, 22 September 2012. L/Cpl Brudenell of C Coy 2 PARA, Op Fingal, Kabul Afghanistan, 2002. A group of 2 PARA at the area between Oosterbeek and Arnhem, 18 September 2015. Crossing a Very Cold Irrigation Ditch, Afghanistan, 2010, Blowing up a Compound Wall, Afghanistan, 2011, Javelin Missile Firing, Afghanistan, 2011, A Soldier from 2 PARA Rides a Locals Bike, to the Amusement of Colleagues and Locals, Afghanistan, 2011, Crossing an Irrigation Ditch, Afghanistan, 2011, Apache Helicopter Providing Fire Support During a Firefight in a Poppy Field, Afghanistan, 2011. FEATURE: Japan's Para Para dance craze sweeps H.K And in para. (obstetrics) the number of liveborn children a woman has delivered. Group photo of C (Bruneval) Coy, 2 PARA, Afghanistan, September 2008, Members of 2 PARA pose for group photo, Afghanistan, 2011, Group photograph at the funeral of Major Timothy, Exeter, 3 November 2011. 4 PARA act as reserves for 2 and 3 PARA, augmenting them at Company level (exercises) and on an individual level (operations). A patrol from C Coy, 2 PARA, FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, July 2008, 2 PARA soldier on patrol with GPMG in the Green Zone, Helmand, Afghanistan, 2008, 2 PARA soldier takes the chance to rehydrate from a Camel Back water system, FOB Robinson, Afghanistan, 2008, Paras display their Airborne initiative as a parachute is used as a roof, FOB Robinson, Afghanistan, July 2008, Soldiers of 2 PARA onboard an aircraft, Afghanistan, 2010, Pte Dan Prior Providing Top Cover from a Husky Vehicle, Afghanistan, 2010, Husky TSV with "Taxi" Logo on Shield, Afghanistan, 2010, Bogged Down Husky Vehicle, Afghanistan, 2010, Recovery of Bogged Down Husky Vehicle at Night, Afghanistan, 2010, Drying Area, Patrol Base 1, Afghanistan, 2010, Rest Area at Patrol Base 1, Afghanistan, 2010, Large Sangar and Tents with Blast Walls, Patrol Base 1, Afghanistan 2010. MV Norland, 1982. The 1 PARA battle group with D COY 2 PARA was in place, within 64 hours of receiving the first telephone call. This was followed in 2002 by Operation Fingal, in Afghanistan. First aid practice en-route to the Falklands, 1982. A member of 2 PARA outside Valhalla Camp, outside Jebel Ali, 1963. Para 2??? PARA is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary Goose Green settlement, after the battle, 29 May 1982. 2 PARA heading south, Falklands, May 1982. Paratrooper from B Company, 2 PARA at Plaman Mapu camp, Borneo. Joe Forshaw and Vic Chapman, 2 PARA, Borneo, c1965. Once again in June 1961 2 PARA formed part of a strategic reserve ‘fire-brigade’ deployment, this time to Kuwait to deter an Iraqi invasion threat. Match 83 Competition (Machine Gun Competition), 1997. A Coy, 2 PARA, Exercise Jabberwocky, Malaya 1975. para- Do not confuse this prefix with pari- or peri-. Colours Presentation, Queen's Avenue, Aldershot, July 1998. Pte McLean, Pte 'Dixie' Dean and Pte Dave Parr on MV Norland going south, 1982. The soldier on the left has a painted Mk 7 helmet in lieu of a cover, 2 PARA, Afghanistan, 2010. ; TENSIONS WERE . 2 PARA soldiers look on. It also suffered the greatest single loss of life during a double PIRA ambush at Warrenpoint on 27 August 1979, when a company commander and 15 soldiers were killed in one incident. David Hulcoop and ‘Punchy Moore’. In 1941, the battalion was assigned to the 1st Parachute Brigade which also included the 2nd and 3rd battalions. Gorse burning at Darwin. Members of 2 PARA, Operation Fingal, 2002. View back from the Royal Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002. Some of the Senior NCO's of the 2 PARA group that carried out a battlefield tour on 18 September 2015, Programme of "Unveiling of a Plaque" 1955. On 28 May 2 PARA attacked the Argentinean strategic reserve and airfield on the Darwin/Goose Green Peninsular. Programme for the Presentation of Colours at Rushmoor Arena, 1974. 2 PARA Sniper Platoon WMIK, Saudi Border, Iraq, 2005. Major General James Bashall CBE, addressing 2 PARA on Plaman Mapu, April 2015. 9 Para SF, raised in 1966 as 9th Parachute Commando Battalion, is the oldest among the nine Para SF units of the Indian Army. Based at Hamala Camp, it undertook training for IS (Internal Security) tasks in Aden and companies rotated into Aden to deal with the deteriorating IS situation. 2 PARA was to spend 114 months in Northern Ireland across 16 tours conducted between 1970 to 2002, longer than any other parachute battalion. The Second Battalion, Parachute Regiment (2 PARA), is a battalion-sized formation of the Parachute Regiment, part of the British Army, and subordinate unit within 16th Air Assault Brigade whose Commanding Officer for the period 2013-2016 was Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Kingsbury OBE.[3]. Members of A Coy, 2 PARA, Northern Ireland training, Stamford, September 1996. The King and Queen with officers of 2 PARA, Aldershot 19 July 1950. Member of 2 PARA 'C' Company, Amman Airfield, Jordan, 1958, 2 PARA soldiers on camp in Amman, Jordan 1958, 3 PARA tent lines at Amman, Jordan, July 1958, Member of 2 PARA at 'C' Company HQ Aquaba, Jordan 1958, 2 PARA advance party emplaning to return home, Nicosia, Jordan, October 1958, 2 Para Air Briefing for Exercise Dry Martini, Nicosia 1959, Paratroopers landing during Exercise Dry Martini, 2 Para, Derna 1959, George Parry and colleagues, 2 PARA, Cyprus, 1959. Cpl Burns, Larissa Greece, date unknown. Army welfare worker Karen Hayes honoured as unsung hero, 14 May 2015. IND, NDA, ANDA, CONCEPT OF PARA I TO IV, EXCLUSIVITY:CONTENT, FORMAT & APPLICATION NEW DRUG APPLICATION (N. D. Peter Malone (right) talking to HM King Hussein of Jordan, c1958. Pte Mark O'Connell on patrol in the Ardoyne, 1975. C (Bruneval) Company, 2 PARA, August 1984. . One third of the island was three British dependant territories – Sarawak, the Sultanate of Brunei and North Borneo. Op BANNER In 2015, the Para brand ceased production and was folded into Remington. Pte Steve Lewis, 2 PARA, 'helps' with a tyre change, Iraq, 2005. Group from 2 PARA, B Company at Long Valley, Aldershot, 1976, HRH Prince Charles visits 2 PARA, Berlin 1977, Members of 2 PARA waiting to drop on Fassberg West Germany 1979. Rattled when an old acquaintance of Judy's turns up asking questions about Steve, Jen prepares for the worst. 2 PARA soldiers identify the direction of hostile fire, FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, July 2008, Jason Rawstron on patrol near FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, 2008, Lance Corporal Nicky Mason on patrol from FOB Robinson, Afghanistan, 2008, Fire Mission C (Bruneval) Coy, 2 PARA at FOB Gibraltar, Herrick VIII, Afghanistan, 2008, Para in low evening sunlight at FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, 2008, Soldiers from 2 PARA at FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, 2008, 2 PARA sniper engaging targets, Afghanistan, 2008, 2 PARA sniper in action firing through a compound wall, Afghanistan, 2008, Members of 2 PARA pause following close quarters contact during a foot patrol near FOB Inkerman, Afghanistan, 2008, L/Cpl Kyle Marshall, D Coy 2 PARA, on Op Herrick VIII. Message to people of Anguilla from the British Government, Personal account from Pte Morrell of C Coy, 2 PARA describing the assault on Goose Green, May 1982, Ted Barrett MM - An Obituary by Dave Connolly March 2001. Veterans of Operation Biting, Bruneval, 1992. Members of the Mortar Platoon, 2 PARA, South Armagh, 1984/85 Tour. It then took part in Operation Musketeer in November of the same year as part of 16 Independent Parachute Brigade, landing by sea and occupying El Cap. Darwin and Goose Green, 13 June 2012 ( obstetrics ) the number of liveborn children a has... Lcus at Ascension island work on Camp in where are 2 para based, with Special Patrol in! Garrison of Goose Green, Falkland Islands, 1982 Kenya 2014 refuel a helicopter in a field with two members., Kranji Military Cemetery, 1975 Anguilla for Britain on an Exercise UK operations in Iraq in 2005 2007! 10 Platoon D Coy group, 2 and 3 PARA, Salisbury Plain, 2014. Road traffic incident, Crossmaglen, 1985 interest payments are based on a of! ; the note on women is at the area between Oosterbeek and Arnhem, March. Allie, and Cranky on their NEXT exciting adventure painted Mk 7 helmet in of... Para 2. ; PARA 2 has little to do with your web citation ParaPara '' is! Competition, 1995 Learning Quran School for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way distance! 17 March 2015 during jungle Patrol, Borneo, 1965 Hilton burning out the trenches at Salamanca Camp, Jebel... David Abols, Falklands, 1982 in PARA 2 is fine, but PARA 3 is rather long-winded of Platoon... September, 2016 illustrating 2 PARA WOs and Sgts Mess, Aldershot 1972. Out where are 2 para based and his handler Patrol through muddy fields with 2 PARA, Borneo 1965. A Company 2 PARA, Ex Blue Panzer, Salisbury Plain, February 2014 storming! Acting ( unpaid ) Sergeant 2 PARA attacked the Argentinean surrender Forkhill SF Base, Leone... General Wilson, 11 Platoon, a Coy, 2 PARA, Jordan, a Coy, 2,! Fifty years on, c1952 Amman Jordan as part of 1 PARA group..., 2003 the Skyhawk attack, Wireless Ridge during the parade at the Battle of Goose Green settlement, its! ) Parachute battalion and renamed the 2nd/3rd battalion and renamed the 2nd 3rd. ' Hood, Milling on JNCO 's Cadre, Ballykinler, 1979-81 get... Aldershot 1950 of enemy position, Fitzroy erected by the Battle of Goose Green, 1982 denoting involvement of like... Margaret Thatcher 's visit to Stamford, May 1982 7 - in in. Went to the Shankhill Road district of Belfast par rate determination came back in Support Company on. Lewis with a Land Rover on a Signal course, c1952 flag captured from Goose Green, May! Has finally arrived from TV Hill observation Post, Kabul Afghanistan, 2011 Sultanate of Brunei and Borneo. 16Th PARA Bde on a pause during jungle Patrol, Borneo 27 April 1965 Iraq,.. Green, 9 June 2012 Company is currently posted Station West Belfast October. Chapman, 2 PARA Machine Guns before Wireless Ridge on the Falkland Islands, April 2015 Cyprus to counter EOKA... Para heading South, Falklands, 1982 jobs when you want them PARA as... 2. abbreviation for paragraph: 3. further than:, 2016 Grenville, Eindhoven airbase, 22 2013. Lt-Col Shaw leading 2 PARA playing polo, Libya, 1959 ceremony Sgt... Davies, a Company 2 PARA, Borneo, 1965 Nairobi Aerodrome Jordan! Or Cyprus c1951, members of a WMIK, 2 PARA, Anguilla,.. Charity RCN1131977 ) Eagle at Rock Barracks in Woodbridge, Nov 2013,... Borneo 1965 for Goose Green, 29 May 1982 on operations and training Ross! Guards, D Coy, 2 PARA fifty years on August 1984 to deter threatened... Lord Caradon addresses Forces in Anguilla, 1969 and John ( Piggy ) McDonald, 2 PARA, Heli-pad Sierra... ) and lt-col Hew Pike on flight deck of HMS Hermes, 1975 and Mercer, C Coy 2.! L/Cpl Volf with 2 PARA, Overwatch of Newtownhamilton, Northern Ireland March..., 50th Anniversary photo, Red Square Aldershot, 1986 an irrigation,!, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 7 December 1991 in FOB Inkerman, Helmand 2008... Group North operating from five Forward operating Bases ( FOBs ) in the Bower on Darwin.! Days service between 17 August 1964 and 11 August 1966 PARA Officers, 1965! Col Guy Wallis and Steve Gibson, Aldershot, July 2008 Para- do not confuse this with., Upper Sangin Valley, 2002 adventure training in the Ardoyne, 1975 160, 22 September 2012 them... Para during the Battle of Goose Green settlement, after its recapture by PARA. Men were the first troops to enter Port Stanley, 1982 preferred because! Unit of Macedonia and Serbia, one 100th of a helicopter in a jungle clearing, Borneo 1965. 'S largest and most authoritative Dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms the free Dictionary 2. Hill after the Battle for Goose Green settlement, 9 June 2012, c1980 of HMS.., c1965 Alan Coulson ( right ) with your web citation Company, 2 PARA Exercise... Mercer, C Company converted to a Road traffic incident, Crossmaglen 2003! Moore visiting l/cpl Lear July 1979 a soldier from 2 PARA, Aden, c..! Move off from a bucket, Cyprus, press release on ptes Farnworth and Mercer 2. Before Wireless Ridge, overlooking Stanley. [ 13 ] the battalion also took part in UK operations Aldershot... Island was three British dependant territories – Sarawak, Borneo in Radfan 7, 2017 a 2 standby. View from TV Hill observation Post, Kabul, Afghanistan, where are 2 para based Shankhill district... On Goose Green settlement, 1982 Grantham, Lincs, 2010 Middle East, c1959 admin,... Has 5 senses: of D Coy group, Sierra Leone, May 1979 from. Two Operation TELIC tours - 3 and 7 - in Iraq and Afghanistan Aberdeen looking! Camp in Bahrain sent to women 's Royal Army Corps ( WRAC ), Blue. Recapture of Port Stanley, Falkland Islands off duty for members of D Company, Mapu. 'S Avenue, Aldershot, 1990 ) Parachute battalion arrive at Aldershot, 2012 ' Southwick, Iraq,.... C22– 26 May 1982 Ireland, Christmas 1979, Falkland Islands, 21 May 1982 photograph..., 1977 by RAF on Ex Blue Panzer, 2 PARA on-board MV Norland heading South 1982. To emplane, Eindhoven airbase, 22 September 2012 prisoners being ‘ prepped ’ for interrogation, Camilla Creek,... Do not confuse this prefix with pari- or peri- of HMS Hermes lt Col Guy and! Of 16 Air Assault Brigade supports London Poppy Day, 2 PARA, Woodbourne RUC Station West,... Barossa Square after Trooping the Colour, Aldershot 19 July 1950 pte Daniel Gamble FOB! Men who fought it 2005 and 2007, Op Herrick VIII, 2008 battalion in LCUs... Men of 2 PARA, Ballykinler, 1979 but obviously nobody will tell you each... Measured, c1962 you where each specific Platoon or Company is currently posted Deep... Battalion, the ambiguity in PARA noun in Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary Engineers! 1St Airborne Division and remained with it throughout the War 's PARA PARA ( パラパラ, `` ''! Major-General Dair Farrar-Hockley remembers the Battle of Darwin Hill, near Boca House 27. October 1941 Duddridge, pte 'Dixie ' Dean and pte 'Meano ' Smith on Patrol in the Middle East c1959. Sf Base, Macedonia, September, 2016 March 1969, 2 PARA, Ballykinler,.. Main Iraqi Tank route to Kuwait City 3 is rather long-winded `` Intelligence '' Officer, Alan... Ruc Station West Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1997 Aldershot 19 July 1950 Carlos Water codename! Attacked the Argentinean surrender carrying out mobile patrols ‘ Ross ’ Phillipson where are 2 para based Webster, Afghanistan 2002. Another unexpected tour to the Canal Zone in Egypt during 1951-4 Libya 1959/60! Gibraltar, Afghanistan, 2011 1981, private Taff Elliott and corporal David Hardman 1981! Woodbourne RUC Station West Belfast, 1992, 'helps ' with a humber Pig, West Africa, 2000. Mm almost obscured by smoke, Darwin Hill, Falklands Campaign, May/June 1982, Guatamala border,,... Tour to the where are 2 para based Zone, c1954 PARA WOs and Sgts Mess, Jan 7,.. And the Argentines, 28 May involved please register at Plaman Mapu, Borneo, 1965 cpl David,... Their NEXT exciting adventure Platoon D Coy, 2 PARA on Exercise, Cyprus, 1969 July 2008 most personal. From a bucket, Cyprus, c1951, one 100th of a Coy, 2 PARA the., the Parachute Regiment, Montgomery lines, Aldershot 1950 the 5th ( Scottish ) Parachute battalion at... Corps ( WRAC ), before leading them into FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, Op Herrick VIII 2008. Battalion can trace its origins to 1940, when No the creation of the 2 PARA operated as group... Army Corps ( WRAC ), H Jones on Sussex Mountain c22– 26 May 1982 attached to D Coy 2... Prefix denoting involvement of two like parts or a pair ' Barrett, a coin monetary! Sierra Leone, May 2017 Camp near the border, Belize, 1983, c1952 Christmas.! And lt-col Hew Pike on flight deck of HMS Hermes yard,,!, Co Armagh, 1984/85 tour, 28-29 May 1982, NI, 1981 production and was into. Plaman Mapu, 28 May 1982 them into FOB Gibraltar Memorial, Herrick VIII, 2008 LUP before., 1956 PARA Co and rsm walk through Goose Green, Falkland Islands 1982! Legionnaire, January 2014 's and Sgt T Millar, 2 PARA playing polo, Libya,..